Sunday, September 13, 2009

Proceed With Caution

Earlier we reported that has been hacked by unknown hackers possibly by members of the Anti-sec Movement. Well, that wasnтАЩt true as 4shared has been hacked by probably Moroccan hackers as a big тАЬI Love MoroccoтАЭ welcomes anybody who tries to access Many people didnтАЩt believe that the file sharing website was hacked, but now we have the official confirmation and you can even contact the hackers if you want.

ItтАЩs hard to read the name of the first hacker and if someone is kind enough then you can access the website and tell us his name. The second hacker goes by the name of ImaD-Cc. T├Шr?!├Р├Ш & ImaD-Cc left two emails: TrN@HoTmAiL.Es and Im_New@H.CoM, but we donтАЩt know yet if these are their emails.

The message of the two hackers is тАЬNo Reason, No Mercy, No S**T, Just HackedтАЭ so this means that they just hacked for no reason without mercy and theyтАЩre not kidding.

Users report that can be accessed via this URL: without problems. Everything seems to be there they say, but we havenтАЩt tested it as none of us have a account. More info soon to come so stay tuned.



You can use to download files. But be careful in logging-in your account, because thereтАЩs still no announcement coming from 4shared team on how legit this site. was hacked and canтАЩt be accessed. When youтАЩll visit, youтАЩll be automatically be redirected to which obviously telling visitors that 4shared is being hacked.
Update: Still donтАЩt have any information about this hacked attacked. But surely this will alert all webmasters. Just imagine, a popular site being hackedтАж..]

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