Monday, December 15, 2008

Naked and Angry

As many scrappers know already there are hundreds if not thousands of beautiful patterned papers available to us. Naked & Angry has provided an opportunity to turn any of your own pattern designs into cash!

From the Naked and Angry Site;
How it works Anyone can come to Naked & Angry and submit a pattern design to be voted on by other Naked & Angry users. The design will be scored for 14 days at which time it will be given a final score. The highest scoring designs will be manufactured and products will be created inspired by the patterns. The winners will receive a $750 cash prize and 1 free Naked & Angry item.
Who created it
Naked & Angry was created by a team of web designers and developers called skinnyCorp. skinnyCorp also created the community-driven which invites designers to submit tee shirt designs to be scored by the Threadless community. The winning designs are printed and sold from the site. Naked & Angry is an extension of - one which focuses on higher quality products through the more subtle pattern approach.
What it hopes to become Naked & Angry aims to manufacture products and garments created from winning pattern designs ranging from ties to tops to pillows to belts to socks to sweaters to wallpaper. The goal is to choose five winning patterns every season to create 5-15 various items.

From what I understand you must design in either Photoshop or Illustrator to be considered. More information available and Naked and Angry's website. Good Luck!

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